Gazetteer of Galador

Brimwudu: (Brim-wood-ah) “Sea-wood” is a coastal settlement located northeast of Westgard that specializes in the construction of boats and ships. It has ready access to ample supplies of wood from the neighboring Faettsceap Hills and it’s sheltered beaches make excellent locations for shipyards.

Ceorlfeld: (Chorl-feld) “Freeman Field” is a farming hamlet east of Westgard located near the banks of the Gyldenflow.

The Dracahornas: (Drac-ah-horn-uhs) “The Horns of the Dragon” are rough, steep mountains located on the eastern end of the island of Valonar

The Dragon’s Teeth: a channel separating Valonar from the Eastern Wilds. The channel is filled with rough rock formations and is often foggy. These conditions, combined with treacherous currents, make this a dangerous body of water to navigate. Needless to say, the only souls who venture into this area are the few brave fisherman who come here seeking the large lobsters that proliferate in these waters.

The Dragonspine Mountains: a range of mountains located in the Eastern Wilds. It is known for it’s steep slopes and numerous snow-capped peaks.

Dunerin: (Dun-air-in) “Iron Hill” is a village located on the northern shore of Glassonloch. It’s primary economic activity is mining, especially iron ore.

Elmdale: a village on the banks of the Gyldenflow. The primary economic activity is logging.

Faerwild Hills: (Far-wild) the “Wild and Dangerous” Hills

Faettsceap Hills: (Fat-sheep) the “Fat Sheep” Hills

Glassonloch: (Glass-on-lock) “Clear Lake”

The Great Elmwald

The Gyldenflow: (Gill-den-flow) the “bountiful” river that flows in a generally southwesterly direction from its headwaters in the X Mountains. It is also fed by the Little Gyldenflow. Local populations look forward to the annual salmon run which brings a wealth of fish protein to their diets. The river is often referred to simply as “The Gylden”

Hengestfeldland: (Hen-guest-feld-land) “The Horse Fields” is a rolling plain filled with lush grasses. It is named for large, healthy horse herds that are raised there.

The Little Gyldenflow – a tributary of the Gyldenflow that flows in a southerly direction from its headwaters in the X Hills. It is known for the annual salmon run and clear waters. It forms Glassonloch.

Lynning: the “place at the rapids” is a tiny hamlet that primarily serves as a portage for river traffic that needs to bypass the rapids near where the Little Gyldenflow meets the Gyldenflow. It’s also known for the bears that congregate nearby during the annual salmon run on the rapids.

The Sea of Sorrows

Shieldwall Peaks

Southermark River (Suth-ur-mark)

Stodmieringa: (Stod-mere-ing-uh) the “Place of the Brood Mare” is a small settlement that focuses on horse breeding


Westerand Hills


Gazetteer of Galador

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