Common Sayings of the Valosi

A (incomplete) list of common sayings and expressions of the Valosi:

By Valon’s Hand – an exclamation of amazement; referring to Valon’s magical golden hand whose brilliance strikes awe in mortals. It is not necessarily always used in a positive or straight forward context; for instance, a frustrated parent might exclaim “By Valon’s Hand, child, why do you continue to make the same mistakes!”

Let the Beast Get the Best of You – allowing your anger to overcome your judgment; referring to Vokos, “The Beast”, who is known for his berserk rages. This is usually used as an admonition. Examples: “He let the Beast get the best of him”, “Calm down, don’t let the Beast get the best of you”, “No one ever made a good decision by letting the Beast get the best of them”, etc.

Give Mythas Her Due – giving someone credit for something they have done; giving credit for a job or act, especially if it is not obvious who should be acknowledged. This phrase has its origins in the Valosi creation story where Mythas comes up with the idea and executes the creation of the clay vessels that are then brought to life by Valon as mankind – The Children of Valon; women, especially, like to point out that Mythas did most of the work but Valon got the credit. Examples of use: (the Thegn addressing an assemblage of the people) “I think we must give Mythas her due, and point out that Horsa did most of the repair work on the granary”, (a wife blaming her child’s orneriness on her husband’s bloodline) “Come now, husband, give Mythas her due, we both know where our son gets his stubbornness from”

Common Sayings of the Valosi

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