A fisherman; estranged husband of Ruhwyn; father of Sigeson


Tall with light brown hair, deeply tanned skin, and bright, blue eyes. He is striking though not handsome. His arms are strong and his hands calloused from handling fishing nets every day since he was a boy.


Sigenoth is a dedicated man. He works hard, loves hard, and plays hard. He was devoted to both Ruhwyn and their son. When he first met Ruhwyn, he only minimally paid attention to her, more attracted to some of the other young women. However, the longer he was around her, the more he saw in her. It took some time, but he fell in love with her. He hated the time she was in the hills shepherding, but their reunions were incredible. When she gave birth to Sigeson, he loved her all the more.

When Aelfswith first began her seduction of him, Sigenoth ignored her, partially because of his love of his wife and partially because he never liked the haughty woman. Eventually though, his loneliness and Aelfswith’s perseverance won out. He was almost relieved when Ruhwyn caught them.

Sigenoth refuses to grant Ruhwyn’s request for a divorce because he couldn’t bear to lose his son, and he holds out hope that he and his wife will reconcile. He doesn’t understand how she could simply leave them and spend her time in the hills with only her dogs and hundreds of sheep to keep her company.


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