Ruhwyn's estranged mother-in-law


Appears older than she is with gray streaks in her hair and facial wrinkles, medium height but slightly stooped from weaving her entire life.


Heortkettil has always blamed everyone else for anything that didn’t go her way. Her husband never made enough money, despite him working himself to death. Her sister got the better husband because their parents loved her more, not because her sister was a nicer person. Her daughter died because her husband went to Maergyth instead of the healer in Westgard, not because she waited too long to get help. And on, and on.

The only person in her life who can do no wrong is her son, except that he married a woman she didn’t approve of. The only thing Ruhwyn ever did right was giving birth to Sigeson. She always knew the marriage would go bad. It didn’t surprise her in the least that Ruhwyn neglected Sigenoth so badly that it drove him to find solace in another woman’s arms. She is sure that Ruhwyn is the one spreading tales of the affair and besmirching her son’s name, despite Sigenoth’s denial of the fact or even the fact that Ruhwyn is hardly in the village long enough these days to do any tale spreading. She thinks her son would be much better off with that beautiful and charming Aelfswith.


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