Vigilant Scout


Deodric is a young man of 22 summers. His eyes are dark and piercing, and when not directly engaged with conversation, he seems to be constantly scanning the horizon. His dark brown hair is shaved bare on the sides of his head, with the remainder dreadlocked and bound with a leather cord at the back of his skull to keep it out of his eyes while riding. His skin is deeply tanned and crisscrossed with scars. His chest and shoulders bear the whorls and patterns common to Valosi males, and most noticeably he carries the third eye tattoo in the middle of his forehead marking him as one of the Vigilant. His build is compact but athletic, clocking in at 5’ 9” and 155lbs. Deodric tends to wear thick leather trousers and sturdy boots. And if not bare chested, he wears a light doeskin vest festooned with charms and trinkets that carry personal meaning only to him.


Deodric was born the second son to Durngar, patriarch of the Vigilant and Ealdorman of Stodmieringa. Like the rest of his clan, Deodric was placed in a saddle before he could even walk, and was competing in the Spring Festival horse races by age 6. Considered a master trick rider and dead eye shot even amongst the skilled ranks of his own family, Deodric was inducted into the Vigilant by his 14th summer. Now, 8 years later, Deodric has travelled the length and breadth of the isle. He has carried messages to the leaders of all of the villages under Westgard’s protection, and has ventured many miles into the mainland to recover stragglers and separated parts of his family’s herd.

The young scout lives for the time he spends under the stars in the quiet forgotten places surrounding Westgard, the companionship of his prized stallion Kyrosi preferred to the sideways glances and whispered condemnations of the villagers. His family and their role in watching the horizon for signs of the next Doom having long since fallen from their position of honor and respect they once held amongst the now peaceful and comfortable Valosi people. Deodric struggles with feelings of resentment over the way his clan has been marginalized and some part of him prays for the day when the Doom does come for Westgard and his family’s sacred charge would be justified. He would never admit to such a thing of course, likely even to himself.

Unusual for a man his age, Deodric has never wed, nor fathered any children. His childhood sweetheart, Eodwyn, was promised to his eldest brother in what amounted to a monetary arrangement between families. This was the catalyst for both the rift in his relationship with his brother Drogi, for whom he’d always had a healthy bit of competitiveness with, and his father, whom had made the arrangement. Now Deodric has gained the mantle of something of a black sheep in a clan of the same. He spends as little time as possible at his family’s holdfast, despite his still deep and abiding love for his mother and four sisters. The pain of his unrequited love and the dark glares of his father and brother are enough to keep him on patrol as much as possible.

Deodric is at something of a crossroads in his life. He feels unwelcome in his own home, and his family marks him as a pariah within Westgard. He is looking for purpose, and with little left to tie him to his birthplace, has begun to wonder just what lays beyond the Westerand Hills.

Character hooks:

Grimwulf – Deodric has on several occasions worked for the gruff warrior, acting as tracker and guide when the man was engaged on missions for the Queen. He has witnessed firsthand the martial skill and nearly reckless disregard for his own safety that Grimwulf displays when cornering one of his bounties. The most recent manhunt ended in bloodshed, and the exchange left Deodric with a healthy respect for the man (and more than a little fear of what he is capable of).

Maergyth -

Reod – Childhood friends, Deodric never made the mistake of judging the young woodsman’s quiet demeanor as anything other than the boy’s determination to make his words matter when he chose to speak them. The two have shared adventures in some of the isle’s most remote places, hunting, fishing and exploring.

Ruhwyn – The young scout holds deep respect for the shepardess. Ruhwyn’s skill when tending to her animals prompted Deodric to recommend her services to his father and his family’s herds. The fact that the young woman holds herself with a stoic fierce independence only adds to his esteem for her.


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