Aelfswith's husband


Short for a man with dark, dark hair and beard but very pale skin and eyes due to coming from many generations of mine workers. He is proud of his accomplishments in life, but he doesn’t outwardly show his wealth, wearing simple clothing of fine workmanship. He almost always has dirt under his fingernails.


Daegeofer is a fairly wealthy man. He inherited a small portion of one of the mines in Dunerin when his father was killed. Since moving to Ceorlfeld, he has become a successful mushroom farmer after digging several underground tunnels on his property. It seems that everything he touches brings in money. He has even begun a trapping business, financing several hunters/trappers.

The moment he met Aelfswith, he fell in love with her. He gives her anything she asks for and hopes to have several children. He can’t understand why they haven’t had any yet. When he discovered that his beautiful wife was having an affair, he was crushed. During the ensuing fight with her, he found out that she was purposely not having children. He demanded a divorce but she refused. Unbeknownst to her, Daegeofer has begun the long and difficult process of annulling their marriage with the magistrate in Westgard.

Daegeofer blames Ruhwyn and Sigenoth for the collapse of his marriage though he knows deep down it is really Aelfswith’s fault and no one else’s. Even though he is beginning to see Aelfswith for what she is, he can’t bring himself to blame her; it would mean admitting that he had been a bigger fool than he already seems to be.


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