Ruhwyn's former neighbor and the woman who Sigenoth had an affair with


Medium height, long brown hair, womanly figure, brown eyes. She wears well-fitting, colorful dresses of the finest fabric and workmanship. She stands tall and straight, her eyes flash and mouth twists with constant amusement, and her hips sway as she walks.


Aelfswith appears very self-confident but in reality thinks the world revolves around her, that she is better than everyone and that everyone looks up to her. She doesn’t hesitate to use her sexuality to get whatever she wants. Up until her affair with Sigenoth she had her husband wrapped around her finger. She believes she will again once he settles down. In her eyes, she can do no wrong and that she will get anything she wants eventually.

She has learned the tricks required to keep from getting pregnant, and if she does slip up, she simply goes to the healer in Westgard for a drink to miscarry. She sees no reason to destroy her figure by having a child.

Overall, Aelfswith believes her husband is a fool, albeit a wealthy and useful one. She is secretly embarrassed by his refusal to wear nicer clothing and his constantly dirty nails. Even so, she will never grant him a divorce.

Sigenoth was simply a diversion from her boring love life. She was planning to end their affair but was caught by Ruhwyn before that could happen. She is highly amused by the strife it has brought both Sigenoth and Ruhwyn. Whenever she sees Ruhwyn in the streets, she makes sure to sneer (in the prettiest manner) at the skinny, mousy woman. She knows it just twists the knife in Ruhwyn’s back. Payback for her snubbing Aelfswith’s offer of friendship, even though that was simply a means to an end.


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