Reod (“Ray-ode”) is a woodsman and a carver. He has spent most of his life secluded from large groups. It started when he was a young boy and was often picked upon by others his age. He took up carving as an escape and was regarded as quite an artisan by the elders but peers bullied and ridiculed his artistry.

As he aged, he quickly out outgrew others his age which didn’t make things easier. As he became old enough to fend for himself and indeed provide for the tribe he took his love of wood and applied it to logging and gathering natural resources for this community. It afforded him the solitude he’s become accustomed to and gave him the sense of self satisfaction and accomplishment that he was providing for the village. In his downtime he still carves and designs totems and religious symbols and statuettes.

His comfort and skill with an axe (coupled with his pent up and carefully controlled rage) makes him a formidable ally in any sort of conflict- he’s had to use this a few times but not often. Each time he was required to dip into it, he felt shame and regret for letting such feelings get the better of his otherwise passive nature.

He was considered slow and dim by his peers. It’s not that he’s stupid or ignorant or simple- it was just a misconception by children that stuck with him over his formative years. And while he wasn’t as smart as the other children, he did grow to be a bit stronger and tougher than them.

There was a situation once he doesn’t like to talk about or even think about where his anger flared up and he hurt someone who did not deserve it. He’s always been ashamed of this incident and it caused him to turn even more inward than before. He knows he’s capable of great anger and no matter how hard he tries to control it he’s secretly fearful of what it could unleash if he let himself lose control of it again.


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